XR Faith Bridge COP 26 Vigil – what to expect….

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The COP 26 Glasgow Vigil will be held in person and online. In both spaces we will be sharing a profound act of prolonged silence, each bringing to the silence our own heart-centred hopes, intentions and sorrows. These reflective spaces will be held in solidarity with all those who unite in love and grief for our broken planet, giving an opportunity to pause together – whether briefly or for a longer period – and to create a powerful, silent cry for creation. The vigil offers a place to support and contemplate the action the world needs for all to flourish.

Each of us will have our own sense of what meditation, prayer, contemplation, silence can bring to the world at this time. We honour each other as we yearn for change; sitting, standing, kneeling together in our homes or on the streets of Glasgow in solidarity with all people and species.

In particular, our focus will be upon the conference delegates and potential outcomes.

Both on- and offline there will be pre-arranged moments of shared words, sounds, music to help frame the silence. These will be diverse but inclusive offerings from the Faith Bridge Community.

If you would like to offer a reflection from your own tradition, please do let us know.

Details of the roots of the Earth Vigil can be found here on this site. A useful forum for this and other similar projects can be found on our Facebook page.

How to get involved

Download the flyer
Download the flyer

See this page for details about what’s happening in Glasgow or email

See this page for details of the online vigil or contact

To pause, to pray, to meditate in the midst of action is a radical act. Are you willing to help us build a community that provides space for that radical act? A community that models the power of sharing a profound powerful intentional silence in the face of catastrophe?

Can you help us create spaces that invite people to pause, and ground themselves back into the mystery of the possible

We would love you to join in with our quiet but growing murmuration of hope.