Getting Started

So you’re interested in holding an Earth Vigil of your own? You need only two things: yourself, and your love for the planet. Go out into a public or a private space and sit quietly as you hold the sacred earth in mind. You are now in vigil.

There are some extra things that will help you to get your message across to those who see you. We are currently developing a Vigil Starter Pack with various information and images/leaflets you can use. Let us know if you’d like to know when this is ready:

Some vigils have placards that people can wear around their necks as they sit quietly – here’s our usual one here which you can print yourself. Some have people who are available to talk to members of the public about Exctinction Rebellion or about how they feel about what’s happening to the Earth. Some vigils have banners and signs, A-boards and information about the climate and ecological emergency. Some have sacred objects – an hourglass, or beautiful objects from nature. Some have chalk so children can draw on the pavements. The sky is the limit!

We believe that unity is essential if we are going to work towards a better world, and that multi-faith vigils give a strong message about how it’s possible to come together. We believe it’s important that everyone feels welcome to come and join vigils, regardless of how we feel about their political or religious beliefs.

We believe that our grounded, dignified presence has a part to play in bringing the climate and ecological emergency to the attention of the public. Join us!